Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Training Camp

Last month I sent the manager at Bradbury Mountain State Park the following message:

Hi there, I am a long time camper/hiker/runner of Bradbury Mountain and I had a question regarding seasonal camping. I am running a 100 mile trail race this September and am planning to tent camp for the months of June, July, and August in order to train for this race. Do you offer monthly rates for tent sites and would it be alright to camp for that length of time?

This was their reply:

During the peak season we allow only a 14 night maximum stay in ME state parks. You are asking specifically about that time frame. The only exceptions are for our Campground Hosts that can stay an entire season. They basically work for their rent. I am looking for someone to fill our need in that regard. Would you be interested in taking this on?

With two major races on my calendar, the majority of my personal training clients only a short bike ride from the park, and a few months before me and my amazing partner Jes settle into our new apartment I didn't hesitate to fire off my reply. I would absolutely be interested.

Jes and I settled into the site last Thursday (super fortunate to have her and Liam the Ultra-Dog joining me a few nights a week) and set up a summer training camp for the Hampshire 100k and the Pine Creek Challenge 100.

Liam the ultra-dog
I'm beyond grateful for this opportunity and plan to post training updates, pictures from the trails, and updates on Liam's trail name (his doggie hydration pack has a space for this for this and we're working on something good) as the summer rolls on.

Keep checking the blog... or better yet knock on the door of the green tent near the entrance and we'll hit the trails.