Tuesday, July 3, 2012


With the Fourth of July on the horizon I wanted to post are a couple of my favorite recipes for gluten and grain-free grilling...

Bun-Less Burgers

Not really a recipe but a reminder that good quality foods can stand alone. For these Bun-Less Burgers I like to use use ground steak from A Wee Bit Farm in Orland. The farm specializes in free range, grass-fed beef and it's products are available at a variety of natural food stores throughout the state. Check their website for a complete lisitng.

It costs a little more than your "run of the mill" burger but I save on the other items that used to crowd the picnic table (buns, spreads, chips and dips) while supporting a local farm that respects both the animals that they raise as well as the people that they feed.

Highland Beef Burger topped with grilled sweet potatoes, onions, mushroom and sliced tomatoes

Spicy Skewered Shrimp w/ Coconut Milk

Jumbo shrimp
Diced Pineapple
Cooked Sweet Potato
Green/Red Peppers
Organic Coconut Milk
Black Pepper
Crushed Red Pepper

Let the shrimp and veggies marinate in 1/4 cup of coconut milk for 10-15 minutes, sprinkle with black pepper and crushed red pepper to taste, grill 'em up and enjoy!

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