Thursday, July 12, 2012

MovNAt: Explore your true nature

Since discovering MovNat in 2010 my interest and appreciation for the program has continued to grow.

Based on using the full range of our evolutionary natural, human-specific movements MovNat has played an important role in challenging, re-exploring, and re-defining what it means to be "physically fit".

"MovNat is a fitness concept that teaches you how to move naturally with ease, power and grace. You become very fit through the practice and that fitness is applicable to any area of life. MovNat is both a physical education system and activity that places at its core the full range of real-world, species-specific movement skills essential to the natural life of the human being. Based on this, we have defined 10 essential principles that support the naturalness of the MovNat approach and practice"

- MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre

I highly recommend checking out their website for more videos, interesting feedback from participants, and a deeper exploration of this innovative physical education and fitness system.

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