Monday, December 31, 2012

Rearview mirror

" It's possible that you've never thought of ideas as competition at all, but as creators we have no choice but to think this way. We have too many ideas all the time, and probably you do too. Which to follow, which to wait on, and which to take off life support?" - Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, The Impact Equation

I try to view the past through my rearview mirror. This small but critical lens allows me to observe and reflect on the road behind me while maintaining steady forward motion towards the goals that I am committed to reaching...lots of interesting things back there but no time to pull over and stare.

As 2012 draws to a close I've been giving a lot of thought to the development of my business, X-City Athletics, my desire to coach others towards reaching their health and fitness goals on a full time basis, and the opportunities that I have before me to make 2013 a year of major progress in that regard. I am making some significant changes to X-City's programming, marketing, and business model and following those ideas which I find myself inspired by in the late hours of the night and greeted by first thing in the morning.

Julien Smith and Chris Brogan raise a great question in their new book, The Impact Equation. The answer, for me, is to follow the ideas which follow you, the ones that you can't shake no matter where you go, and the ones that you intuitively know to be worthwhile and deserving of your time and effort. Then sharpen them, refine them, and when the time is right, make a committed and targeted move to bring them to life. The time is almost right for a major change at X-City Athletics. I'm going to spend the first month of 2013 preparing to implement an idea that I am truly excited about and in mid-February I'm going to move on it. Hard. I hope that the start of 2013 inspires similar acts of calculated risk, impassioned action, and heartfelt advances towards the goals that you hold close...

Wishing everyone who's found their way to 100th Mile a truly happy new year. I'll keep you posted as this "big idea" develops (and if you have a goal that you're willing to share with the blogosphere-I hope you'll post it in the comments section and keep me posted too)

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