Tuesday, January 22, 2013

F#@K Off

When was the last time that someone told you to f-off? It had been a while for me and I started to question whether that's a good or bad thing. I both hate and fear rejection, even mild rejections hang on me for days,but there's one thing I've learned through the process of chasing goals, falling flat on my face, shaking it off, and picking up the chase: The things that are most important to me incur the most risk, they lie in that danger zone where a f-off is just as likely as a handshake. And I'm starting to see both as a sign of progress.

Asking someone to believe in you, or simply to believe you, is asking a lot nowadays. Sharing an idea that seems crazy, asking someone to join you in a leap of faith, or just straight up saying what you mean when no one in the room agrees may just result in someone telling you to f-off. If so, congrats. With the best things in life lying just outside of our comfort zones we'd better be ready to break some rules, make some new ones, and risk rejection of who we are today in order to become who we want to be tomorrow. So the next time that you're sure the room is in agreement, certain that the answer on everyones lips is yes, and pretty confident that no ones going to tell you to f-off...it might be worth asking if you're in the right room.

Photo from Trust Your Journey posted by my friend Vanessa.


  1. excellent observation Dave ......it seems I am in the wrong room most of the time .....until I realize the people in the room only agree with me to my face and behind my back is a different story. Things are trickier then as that is when "have a good day" really means "F-off" and youre not falling on your face, you are being tripped from behind. I call them the "secret enemy"

  2. I know that feeling Kevin. It would be great to be able to cut through the b.s with these people and get to whats really on our minds and in our hearts. It's like a trail run with someone you've just met-begins with b.s about the weather, sports,job whatever but get's deeper into the heart of things as the sweat begins to flow. It would be nice to operate in that primal, natural, and honest environment more often but, for now, at least we have the trails.

  3. There is no enemy on the trails (other than fatigue).....that is why it is one of my favorite places to be.