Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back Cove 6 Hour Fun Run and Food Drive

Atayne, a local company that produces top notch athletic apparel, had a pretty cool idea in their November newsletter. Hold a "fat-ass" style run before Thanksgiving, make the registration fee a non-perishable food item and donate the food to a local food bank or shelter.

My partner and I both work at the Preble Street Resource Center and really appreciated the suggestion. We are organizing the Back Cove 6 Hour Fun Run and Food Drive for Sunday, November 24th from 8-2p. The course is a 3.5 mile loop around Portland's Back Cove and participants can run a little or run a lot.

Entry is one food item that is both nutritious and delicious. We will have a white board on hand to track times and laps completed. There will be no additional aid on the course and the water fountains are turned off for the season. In typical "fat-ass" style everyone is encouraged to bring something for the aid station if they can.

Aside from collecting a ton of good food, our goal is to make this event accessible to everyone in the community. Walkers, joggers and runners of all ability levels are invited and encouraged to attend.

It is also our hope that some will use this event to reach a distance that they have yet to cover. First 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, or marathon opportunities abound!

Finally, I hope that some dude/dudette shows up with a hydration pack, compression socks and a pair of Hoka's and takes our invitation to run this as a 50 miler with a 6 hour cut-off seriously. Because that would just be rad.

Jokes aside, we hope to fill some shelves at the PSRC's food pantry next week, and hope to see some of you there! Feel free to send any questions pertaining to the event to:

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