Friday, February 14, 2014

Hudson Highlands 100k

I've been working on a race report for the Beast of Burden 50 miler but still have a ways to go before it's done. Meanwhile. there are a couple of races and runs that I'm really excited about. The first is a return to Wapack and Back. This race really beat me down last year and I'm looking forward to a rematch;) The next is the Hudson Highlands 100k. The second that I heard about this no-fee race along the Harriman Park trails with only 50 entry slots I jumped over the dog, raced to the computer and typed my info in as fast as I humanly could to get what I thought would be one of the last open slots. Not a single person has signed up since. I'm sure word will spread as the date nears and I couldn't possibly be more excited about this event.

I'd say that in preparation for both events I'm planning some long self-supported runs in the mountains, but its more like the other way around. My whole spring and summer are based around big solo runs in the mountains and these two races happened to fit in perfectly with my plans. Now, if I could just get into the Eastern States 100 (on the waiting list) I'd have a dream season of running ahead. If not I'm planning to plug in a couple more bucket list runs in the Whites leading up to this years goal race. I'm just not sure what it is yet. There are two tough, gorgeous point-to-point 100's in September and I'm still figuring out which makes best sense in terms of logistics. Just ordered a new pack, poles and a spot tracker and looking forward to the summer ahead!

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