Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Every other mile

So, I'm changing the name of the blog.

When I started 100th Mile I was really excited about my race at Virgil Crest. I felt like I'd accomplished what I set out to do when I began running ultras and that the 100 mile distance is what I would focus on from then on. I still love the idea of racing 100 milers but it's the training runs, the time with friends and the journey from registration to race day that excites me the most about these events. I'm also really jazzed about some long self-supported runs this spring and summer that will take a day or more to complete and none if them are ending in a big round number.

In short, 100 miles seems more and more like an arbitrary number to me and I want to shift the focus of the blog from ultra-distance races to the everyday runs and occasional adventures that keep me inspired to run trails. I also plan to start writing more regularly, more freely, and more like an actual blog.

Looking forward to bare trails, big mile days and the summer of running ahead.

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